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by Sparks73
Sun Sep 09 2018 18:41
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Topic: Quick Clip
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Quick Clip

I'm new to this style of fishing, I really enjoy the mobile appraoch, when I go carping I take everything bar the kitchen sink! Could someone recommend a quick clip as I am struggling with the fittley little push clips! I am fishing small lures upto 15g. :wave:
by Sparks73
Sat Sep 08 2018 07:59
Forum: Novice Forum
Topic: 1st Pike
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1st Pike

I went down the local canal yesterday afternoon with my mate, hoping for a perch or two (both for the 1st time) he caught a small Zander, I caught my 1st Pike! It was sizable about three foot in length, unfortantly we both lacked the experiance or confidence to handle it. I managed to remove the hoo...
by Sparks73
Wed Sep 05 2018 20:38
Forum: Novice Forum
Topic: Whats the best leader
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Whats the best leader

Hi, very new to the predator scence, what is the best trace/leader. Im going to be fishing thr local canel, mostly Perch/Zander/jack with the chance of a pike. I have flurocarbon, wire and titanium but dont know which one to use. :wave:
by Sparks73
Wed Sep 05 2018 20:22
Forum: New Member Introductions
Topic: Newbie
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Hi, I am going to give lure fishing a go. Up to now I have been an out and out carper, however I put myself in hospital last year with a chronic chest infection after to many overnighters. She that must be obeyed has told me no night fishing in the winter. So hoping to get as much info as possible, ...