Hickling Broad - Nwt

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Jason Skilton
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Hickling Broad - Nwt

Post by Jason Skilton » Wed Mar 06 2019 08:00

Message from John Currie PAC Gen Sec and PAC Anglian Region LO

On Monday I attended on behalf of the PAC, Norfolk Wild Life Trusts (Nwt) workshop to develop a spatial plan for Hickling broad.
Steve Roberts, who is chairman of Norwich and District Pike Club represented the club and we also represented Broads angling services group.
We had a short presentation explaining that Nwt wanted all our input on the Broads future and suggestions for improvements. We also had a rundown of possibilities for future use from Nwt themselves. I am more than happy to say none of the suggestions would have an impact on anglers.
A large group of all the stakeholders attended, windsurfers, sailors, birdies, walkers etc. We all split up into smaller groups and were given large maps of the broad to scribble our ideas on what we felt the Nwt should be doing with the broad.

A spokesman for each group then read out each group’s ideas and suggestions for improvements.
As you would expect all boaters and sailors wanted improved access. Once again nothing suggested would have much of an impact on anglers.
I asked for clarification if any voluntary exclusion zones would become no go areas, I was told there are no plans for change.
Nwt have no plans to increase weed cutting, but I imagine the sailing groups will pay for their own cutting. I think it likely that Natural England will be very strict on what can be cut.

I asked if Nwt would now become involved in helping with all aspects of control and investigations of prymnesium and saline incursions? They do attend the meetings regarding these problems but have never financially helped or really engaged, they just turn up!
My groups Nwt rep told me they deal with all governing bodies and will continue to do so, we had robust words about commitment etc.
I felt fairly positive after the meeting had concluded, as I was expecting live bait bans, permanent exclusion zones and a general anti angling stance. Now it doesn't look like that's happening. I do think long term they will either have another visitor centre or improve the existing one. They will increase their boat tours in a small way and put in extra view points and a car park.

I will keep you posted on any changes.

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Re: Hickling Broad - Nwt

Post by davelumb » Wed Mar 06 2019 08:55

Positive news for a change. Good stuff.

Jack Pike
Jack Pike
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Re: Hickling Broad - Nwt

Post by JackHunter » Wed Mar 06 2019 11:06

I had concerns when they purchased the Broad, but that all sounds positive.

Thanks JC

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