Startup Gear?

If you're a newcomer to Pike & Predator fishing and need advice, you can ask in here
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Startup Gear?

Post by davidslfc » Mon Apr 22 2019 15:35

Hi Guys,

Newly joined to the forum, looking to start getting into Pike/predator fishing on my local canals/rivers and have no idea what lures/rigs/weights/rod type etc.. would be best.

I'm assuming the only fish i will catch are perch/pike in the canal. I will only be lure fishing, What about the below setup?

1. Rod - Shimano Alivio DX Spinning Rod is fairly cheap and has decent reviews. However, is there any real difference between 7ft, 8ft, 9ft? I will only be casting 40ft max? , Regarding weight size, 10-30g? would this be the best bet for perch and Pike? I assume a 2g-10g would be a bit soft if targeting pike?

2. Lures/Rig - Corkscrew Jig Heads weights, 10g-20g, soft bait shads. 9cm? Is there a general go to lure sizing for pike and different sizing for perch? Whats an easier setup for a beginner, soft plastics, plugs?

I've watched a few video's on rigs and most seem to have some kind of wire trace or heavy mono for the last 30cm, is this if you're targeting large pike only?

I already have the other kit sorted, reel, line, forceps, net/mat etc.

Appreciate any advice, have no clue what to buy :)


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Re: Startup Gear?

Post by Ben » Mon Apr 22 2019 17:24

Welcome to the forum, looks like you’re a fellow Liverpool fan too 👍🏼

You always need to use a wire trace when fishing for Pike

Someone more qualified than me will be along shortly to comment on the rods your described
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Mike J
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Re: Startup Gear?

Post by Mike J » Tue Apr 23 2019 10:07

Welcome aboard. :handshake:

In fishing, especially with long established waters like canals its best not to assume anything.
Anywhere there is easy access beware of loosing gear on submerged debris, old bikes and shopping trolleys.
Equip yourself for fish to 25lb, always use a wire trace - Chico's are superb and last forever, and be prepared to do some walking.

Lots of info on fishing canals on here, you just need to look.

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Dave Horton
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Ferox Trout
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Re: Startup Gear?

Post by Dave Horton » Tue Apr 23 2019 19:36

Welcome aboard brother!

Where abouts are you situated (don't name the Canal - it's frowned upon to name venues)?

Have you considered joining the local Pike Anglers Club (PAC) region?

(One of us may be local and be able offer some pointers face)

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