Fishdeal - taxes after brexit?

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Fishdeal - taxes after brexit?

Post by Gnorgel » Mon Apr 12 2021 09:33

Hi All, I am pretty new to the forum and not sure if this is the right place to ask the question but couldn't see anything under the review section.

I was wondering if Brexit has affected purchases from outside of the UK. Fishdeal sometimes does some great discounts and I have bought a rod and reel from them last year. But I am wondering if these good deals will now be taxed extra upon arrival in the UK.

Anybody ordered something from Fishdeal post Brexit? Or from any other EU shop? Any advice?


Jack Pike
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Re: Fishdeal - taxes after brexit?

Post by Lukemilnes » Mon Apr 12 2021 21:12

Some of my suppliers are in Europe and its become tricky for some of them. If its under £135 they need to register and pay the VAT for you. if its over, you pay it, plus import, plus cariage charge. Some people however seem to get away with it.

Think the issue is once they send it they've met their side of the agreement so its hard to get an actual figure

Kevin O'Keeffe
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Re: Fishdeal - taxes after brexit?

Post by Kevin O'Keeffe » Wed Apr 14 2021 00:13

Got plenty from fish deal of late and no issues at all....
Love the hit!

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Re: Fishdeal - taxes after brexit?

Post by Mike J » Wed Apr 14 2021 09:20

Not specifically about Fishdeal.
From my own purchases there seems to be two seperate methods operated by sellers.
a) to complete the purchase you must agree to pay all duties, taxes and charges when the item arrives in your home country.
b) you pay all duties, taxes and charges when completing the purchase.

a) the Post office requests payment before releasing the shipment for delivery (slow - 2-3weeks) ) whereas FedEx delivers the shipment immediately (fast 4days) and invoices you for the duty, taxes and handling charge a few weeks later. Shipments from Japan.

b) a recent EU (Spain) purchase the seller dealt with duty and taxes, I paid a total bill and the package arrived after 2weeks.
Full and final payment is popular in countries where avoidance mechanisms between the seller and buyer can carry very heavy penalties eg; USA.

Hope this helps.

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