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Re: Eel

Posted: Sun Nov 12 2017 10:01
by Mike J
Duncan Holmes wrote:
I have heard anecdotally that some feel fishermen seed waters with small eels

Probably a little like releasing Otters.
People talk about it but not a single person has come forward who has actually seen it.

Given the numbers of eels in some places and the problems of catching and handling small eels I would doubt it was feasible, but in nature I would never say never.

This discussion will run and run until actual eveidence is forthcoming, bit like the two rats teaming up tp steal hens eggs and the (still unclaimed) reward for a photograph of it happening.


Re: Eel

Posted: Tue Dec 12 2017 23:09
by pikerholic2
Very interesting on hook size mr salt.thank you for the info

Re: Eel

Posted: Sun Jun 10 2018 07:20
by Catfish Paul
Hi Guys, great thread....

I have recently joined a club where Eels are present and I intend to give it a whirl next weekend. Can't wait!!.

Ordered some of the recommended circle hooks too.

Do you use a hair with these hooks?
Or tie them directly to the hooklink?

Baitwise I'm planning on using dead roach pieces on 1 rod and perhaps mussels or worms on the other.


Re: Eel

Posted: Thu Jun 14 2018 21:07
by Fentiger01
Great thread with some great anglers involved too! :thumbs:

Re: Eel

Posted: Thu Jun 14 2018 22:43
by Nobby C
I use hair on fish sections and on the hook for worms. Circle hooks, wind down, don't strike.
Did I say this already?

Re: Eel

Posted: Fri Jun 22 2018 11:53
by Rosemary
Eels....Ugh, horrible things, all slimy and horrible. Did you know that they are also smack heads? ... e_btn_link