Rio fly line damaged

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Re: Rio fly line damaged

Post by Monts » Tue Dec 10 2019 22:13

mart_mscustomlures wrote:
Monts wrote:
spittlebug wrote:
Hi, search for Maxcatch website (sign up for offers, like discount codes) or Maxcatch on Aliexpress.
Its where they sell there stuff. Rather than bulk orders or samples.


ps or eBay.

I hadn't orderd from Aliexpress until last week. I've been looking about a various fibre glass rods in a 4#.But most were around £300.00.Someone mentioned at having a look at the Aventick glass rods. I came across an American fly forum for glass rods and they seemed well thought of. So I orderd one, coming in at around £70.00 If I don't like it, it's not going to break the bank. Only downside is the delivery is 20-40 working days.
Not a bad little rod that 4wt, the 5wt is decent too bit more of a classic glass action rather then the more modern s-glass slightly faster action.
The maxcatch 7' #3 is a good little rod too but the #6 is god dam awful so far out of balance that it's just not enjoyable. I've a few glass rods I've built myself as well, recently built a haldin 88 which is a great light pike outfit.

Back on topic re lines I got myself a maxcatch outbound short copy last year as a bass line should I ever get around to going, haven't used it that much but it flies out the rings. Think it was around £12 from Aliexpress but it only comes as a floating line

I got it today, it looks OK for the money.
4# (2).JPG
With the amount of rain forecast to come over the next ten days, my main rivers will be in the fields again. So I'll be on a couple of small streams with it.
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Re: Rio fly line damaged

Post by thueske » Thu Dec 26 2019 18:16

Today I received a new line from the RIO headquarters in the USA. I have to say their customer service is top notch.

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Re: Rio fly line damaged

Post by lakefisher » Fri Dec 27 2019 00:59

Be sure to save the box and the plastic spool - you will likely need to contact RIO headquarters again.

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