Cygnet Tackle

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Cygnet Tackle

Postby RichFAS » Thu Oct 12 2017 18:04

A week ago, at the end of a fishing session i somehow managed to lose one of the legs to my Cygnet rod pod.
It just slipped of and fell into the margins amongst the old twigs and general rubbish. Anyway, i couldn't find it.
I phoned Cygnet Tackle the next day and asked them if they knew of anywhere i could buy a spare leg. They emailed be back the next day and asked me for my address so they could send me one.
Two days later it arrived in the post with no charge.
Excellent customer service i'd say.

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Re: Cygnet Tackle

Postby Ash m » Sat Oct 14 2017 17:03

Great company for customer service, some top lads work their and want happy customers. Can't imagine you getting the same level of service calling up fox

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