Snugpak - Jungle Blanket XL

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Snugpak - Jungle Blanket XL

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Snugpak do a product called the jungle blanket. It's an outdoor blanket based on an old parachute poncho design beloved of certain armed forces, but with modern materials.
If you've never come across it, it is really worth a look, very versatile!
Being a massive fat lad I was very pleased to hear they had started doing a jungle blanket xl, however I couldn't find it for sale in the UK.
Having contacted them via email I was told that they had only been selling these overseas, but because of people such as myself showing an interest, they would be starting to sell them in the UK. About a month later I got an email saying they would be available to buy the next day.
I thought this was pretty good customer service, and have to say the blanket lived up to my expectations and more. Get one!

It is now my number 1 go-to outdoor sleeping insulation. In warm weather it's great on it's own, I use it for almost all my camping/ bivvying, fishing or otherwise. In winter it makes a great additional layer. I've even used it over my tog 3 duvet at home on those bitter North Cumbrian winter nights when the storage heaters have nothing in them lol.
It's lightweight (900g for the xl.....or if you're normal sized, the regular will be fine at 700g), comes with stuff sack and goes real small, has some magic combination of being comfortable against the skin, yet not being absorbent and wetting out if the drizzle gets on it, super comfy, wind proof, very reasonably priced IMHO (£30 or £37 for xl), rarely needs washing and goes back as it was afterwards (some blankets/ bags either take a load of lofting or are just never the same again), the olive option is the correct colour for EVERY activity, you can wrap it around you like a blanket and still sit up by a fire, by your rods, walking around (which a bag is crap for). A bit like a big fleecy blanket, but using star-trek tech lol, just one of those 11/10 products.
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Re: Snugpak - Jungle Blanket XL

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Great to hear.
Snugpak is one of the real UK success stories, their SJ9 broke the mould for outdoor jackets and the company responded to the demand from the guys in A'stan by producing the Mil. version.
I think they also make the green maggot sleeping bags to.

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