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Happy Hayes
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Re: Policing the forum

Postby Happy Hayes » Sat Sep 02 2017 10:20

ThePikingEcologist wrote:
Happy Hayes wrote:
ThePikingEcologist wrote:
I find all this arguing very off-putting. I'm not a miserable person and I like banter etc, but bickering isn't of any interest to me at all. I was told that this forum is a good place to learn from some excellent anglers, and there are certainly many of them here. I though it might also be a good place to get in touch with people to go fishing with.

But I've been attacked on here and it puts me right off. I don't feel particularly inclined to contribute because I don't want to engage with somebody who is shooting their mouths-off whilst they feel secure sat behind their computers, and working under the assumption that I am some strange, skinny little geek.

But I respect the desire of others to keep things the way they are if thats how people want to keep it.
I don't think anyone has the assumption that you are strange and skinny or little.
Geek well that's a different kettle of fish. Lol :laughs:
I'm very geeky mate. Its the way I was born.
No harm in being geeky Steve :study:

Angler Dangler
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Re: Policing the forum

Postby Angler Dangler » Thu Sep 07 2017 18:34

My 2 cents worth. I joined here for advice, contribution and a fair ammount of banter. I think the problem with any message board/forum is that any comments can be taken in a different way to what was intended. Trolling a thread isn't good and can be frustrating. I've seen comments in various topics that I have had to read twice and try to see the comment from both sides of the coin. On the whole this place is pretty damn good. I will look forward to getting to know your characters and will learn how to take u. The Pikers pit is great, keep it up !

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