Ultimate pike

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Re: Ultimate pike

Post by Cod » Mon Jul 09 2018 18:17

Yer, that's a good idea!
Title could be thirty 30's, contact Steve Harper!
We need something to read face.

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Adam F
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Re: Ultimate pike

Post by Adam F » Mon Jul 09 2018 20:29

Im sure that it would fly off the shelves if you did decide to go down that route again Dave.

Im keeping everything crossed mate :thumbs:

Dave Horton wrote:
Adam F wrote:
Would you ever consider putting another book together Dave or is it too much risk nowadays? I definately think that there was a market for it :thumbs:
With retirement looming and more time on my hands, I'd certainly give it some thought, Adam?

I think I was fortunate with the timing of Ultimate Pike - it was relatively easy to get the material together and it made a few quid too.

(I'm not sure either would happen these days face)

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