Radio 4 natural history documentaries

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Radio 4 natural history documentaries

Post by JoeNickel »

Semi-interesting. There's a huge range of subjects, including;
- pike (which was fairly s**t, lots of focus on "can they really eat a swan?" nonsense)
- squid (fairly interesting)
- carp
- eels
- burbot
- otters (boo!)

Which I haven't yet listened to. Plus a load of bizarrely specific other species (poppy, aye-aye, narwhal). Nothing (yet) on sheep, I'm afraid.

It looks like halfway through the series, they've changed the focus from "generic natural history" to "[subject] in art, literature and the popular imagination", which actually worked better.

May while away a lockdown hour or two.
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Re: Radio 4 natural history documentaries

Post by davelumb »

The rat one is good. :smile:
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