Brown Long Eared Bat

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Brown Long Eared Bat

Post by martin(rockape) »

Found this tonight in the warehouse unfortunately its dead.

Brown Long Eared Bat
Can't say that i have ever knowingly seen one before.
Just a few years ago I'd see bat's flying around my neighbourhood but I'm lucky if i see 1 a year now. Most likely fewre bats and a bigger hunting range for them.

I can remember night fishing as a kid catapulting maggots into the air for the bats to catch which was amazing to see.


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Re: Brown Long Eared Bat

Post by Will Smith »

I used to try and catch bats in a landing net as they flew up and down outside my Mam and Dad's house when I was a young'un, never manage to catch one though.
I don't think we have any long eared ones up here Martin.

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Re: Brown Long Eared Bat

Post by Mike J »

Hi Marin, thanks for posting the pic.
As you probably know all bats and their roosts are protected.

Could I suggest you contact your local bat conservation group, They will check if the site has a roost if they don't know of one already, or if its just a one off casualty.

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