Removing meta/exif GPS data from pictures

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Andrew Croft
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Removing meta/exif GPS data from pictures

Post by Andrew Croft » Wed Mar 09 2016 21:40

Just another heads up to prevent your phone from including GPS Data embeded in the image file.

I'll leave it up to members to find the settings for their specific phone but a few places worth looking for such settings are Location and privacy settings.

Also check the phones camera app settings specifically, to see if this has a setting to disable embeding GPS data.

and for those who need to get rid of existing GPS data try these two steps.

1: via windows. right click file, click properties (see image)
this method didnt work for me though and said it could not change the information :sad:

2. via windows - MS Paint
open jpeg and save as jpeg or png, information should be stripped out. double check to be sure its gone.
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Re: Removing meta/exif GPS data from pictures

Post by CraigRenwick » Tue Apr 12 2016 23:46

Or you can just screen shot the picture then it becomes a different but same picture :laughs:

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