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general licence / pigeon shooting

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Re: general licence / pigeon shooting

Post by stubbojo »

Stewlaws wrote: Tue Oct 12 2021 22:12 -
stubbojo wrote: Tue Oct 12 2021 21:57 -
Stewlaws wrote: Mon Oct 11 2021 22:20 -
stubbojo wrote: Sat Oct 09 2021 20:23 -
piker al wrote: Wed Sep 08 2021 13:28 -
stubbojo wrote: Sun Sep 05 2021 21:47 -
i have been shooting since i was allowed to own a gun , but even then i have never shot anything i have not eaten , some guys go out and shoot hundreds of pigeons and just leave them under a hedge , thats not me , i have a respect for the countryside and its wildlife , never would i shoot at a bird out of a shotguns range , like i used to see guys mounting there guns at 80...100yds birds , fooking Muppets , just take what you need , but no like you say its just a numbers game for some ......these days i limit myself to about 30 pigeon thats plenty to keep me going ,been on big pheasant shoots in the past picking up , stopped going as the shooters were a bunch of pillocks shooting at birds ,you could have hit with your gun but , then patting there mates on the back for such a good shot ......disgraceful behaviour on some of these top shoots but if you've got the money you can blag as many of the pheasants as you wish
sadly shooting is going to be for the privileged few...and joe bloggs who just wants a few for the pot cant even shoot a woodie ......or two.....were f****d.....

regards a very p****d off occasional shooter......
Why haven’t BASC got involved with this and fought it?
think they have on a few occasions but its still been passed , just been told by a man in the know that farmers will be paid a subsidy from the damage from pigeons , and any farmer found breaking the law will be fined and lose his subsidy we are well and truly fooked farmer is going to do that and lose out ...
packham...... is now having a go at the royal family asking them to release all there shooting land and turned them into nature reserves
wait till his turns his attention to fishing and he will mark my words..... :shrug:
my mate in the know says the BASC just rolled over and gave in ...probably political based tactic on there part :no:
shooting in England as we know it will decline rapidly and only the very privileged will carry on slaughtering thousands of pheasants ....rant over

And those words will only speed up any demise by a divide and rule nature ..

Shooting is no different than fishing .. divisive and fragmented by those who participate, we should be respectful of all disciplines and be united, the driven scene pumps 100's millions into the economy and into the environment\ habitat creation.
not just the driven scene ...what about joe bloggs who just wants a few bunnys and pigeons , how is shooting pigeons any different , theres the divide for you ..we cant ,they will carry on , doesn,t seem very fair to me ......
When pro shooters turn on shooters by suggesting the driven scene "will carry on slaughtering" it hardly paints a united front.....
i have picked up on some very big shoots with my dogs in the past ... mainly pheasants shoots and duck shoots and i am sorry to say most where a disgrace those birds never stood a chance , nothing sporting about shooting pheasants 20yards high driven at you , not even the flag men could make them go higher ,
its a shame that this goes on , but it does , and there dogs where running in from all over the place .....some have no idea of shoot etiquette, i went about picking up dead and wounded runners all day long , which they had left and moved on to the next drive , they could not have given 2 fooks about the runners
these guys had real money paying up 10,000 each arriving in helicopters on the shoot day ... i kid you not , i am not tarring all shooters with the same brush , as some smaller shoots i have picked up on are run perfect and well organised by the shoot captain , i am not turning on fellow shooters , but on idiots who think they can shoot...... i could wright a book on incidents on shoots , but thats another storey........
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Re: general licence / pigeon shooting

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Re: general licence / pigeon shooting

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lakefisher wrote: Thu Oct 14 2021 18:58 -
Latest on the pigeon shooting ban ... 58471.html
That's from Friday 14 June 2019

Things have moved on since then.
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