Trotting floats for winter

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Mike J
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Trotting floats for winter

Post by Mike J »

Ive just been modifying a few floats.
I prefer a longer tip for trotting so its easier to see if it tips over and a body that doesn't absorb water after the slightest bump.

Nothing special, just various off the peg Avons with the short tip removed and replaced with a seabird quill plus a couple of homemades with bodies of insulation foam hardened with superglue.
All tips are undercoated with Dulux, painted with fluorescent nail varnish, bodies and tips given two coats of rod epoxy dried over a radiator.
My final task is to dull the gloss with 800 paper during some rubbish on TV.



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Disco Dave
Disco Dave
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Re: Trotting floats for winter

Post by Fentiger01 »

They look the business Mike. :thumbs:

I was enjoying a bit of small river trotting last weekend, great fun. Same again this Sunday for me. :grin:
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Re: Trotting floats for winter

Post by Crackoff »

Nice 1 Mike or is that 11 :wink:

Grant :smile:
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