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Re: Knives

Post by Mike J » Sat May 02 2020 08:51

Chris Hammond wrote:
Mike J wrote:
Chris Hammond wrote:
Edward.P.A.C wrote:
Chris Hammond wrote:
Are we suggesting these would be a waste of time?
Chris, I’d suggest getting a decent chefs knife (20cm), should be able to pick up a more than suitable one for £70-80 :wink: and a small paring knife of any of the brands suggested.

You should just about be able to pick up 1 of each of these with your budget. Pretty sure all of the mentioned have ranges to suit different budgets :wink:

I’d then invest in the 3 stone Lansky kit. Either diamond or wet stone. With this it takes all the guesswork out of keeping a really good edge :thumbs:
With a Lansky you can keep even the cheapest knives razor sharp, you just need to polish the edge more often than with a good high carbon blade :wink:
Cheers Karl. What would you recommend by way off a quality fish filleting knife?

The blue handled knife in my photograph is a an ICEL professional filleting knife, apx £10 if you look around.
Hygiplas also make good quality, low cost pro knives, all their knives come with big comfortable handles if thats a problem.

Tip; Blue handles and cutting boards are for fish.

I have zero butchery or filleting skills Mike so I've no real idea of what would suit me ergonomically. I can tell you I have increasingly severe arthritis in my hands.

In that case the Hygiplas are the knives to go for, they have the largest and most comfortable handles of any knife Ive used.
My Mother had bad arthritis and could barely grip so I got her a boneing knife and she got on with it well, the front of the handles are extended to stop the hand going into the blade. ... ded-knives

For sharpening keep the blade at apx 15degrees to the stick and you wont go far wrong, just wipe the blade on a bit of paper towel or damp cloth to take off any fine particles (burrs) that may have been dislodged.

What food do you like, Ive got dozens of my own recipes, spicy, tasty and all freeze well - for those evenings when your knacked/cant be bothered but need a scoff :grin:
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