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Post by Metalscobes666 » Tue Jan 16 2018 15:10

I have to admit the Fox Chunk clothing range from the hoodies to the base layer is well made and lasts long the xxxl hoodies fit me without issue. The base layer is in two parts it’s not a onesie type base layer you can pick them up for £30 a pair and they are well worth the cash I have 4 pairs of the fox chunk base layer and cant rate them highly.

For those of us blessed with an abundance of hair on legs bottom etc some base layer materials can be torture to wear I had a pair of Under Armour thermal bottoms from the states and they seemed to pluck the hair out I've no idea why they did this but it irritated me so much that I binned them and on recommendation went for the Fox Chunk ones since that point I've not had a issue and can happily recommend them.

For my overnight sessions I got a Navitas Rompa Under-suit thing during the day I wear a normal gear then before its time to go to bed I take the clothes I've worn during the day off and get into this for sleeping in its warm in fact I done even zip it up because it’s too warm but it’s enough clothing that if I need to get out the bivvy to get to the rods I'm kept warm. I usually wear the base layer gear underneath it then this over the top. I've not tested this one to stupidly cold temps I've had sessions with snow on the ground and the margins beginning to ice over so for me that was cold enough. You can pick them up for £55 the wash in the machine well they don’t ball up its holding up to this winters abuse without issue.

The clothing I'm wearing during the day is the Pro Logic sallopettes and jacket I've two different patterns of camo but they come in green for those who aren’t into camo I have always liked Pro Logic clothing its built to last and even for the larger angler it’s nice to find stuff that you have room to move in a quick scan on eBay and you can pick up the Sallopettes & Jacket for £95 I'm sure if you shop around you'll get them cheaper.

This one has been thoroughly battered since 2009 and its still on the go without fail, when it gets dirty it can be thrown in the washing machine and washed causing no issues. I got another pair of these as a xmas gift and the newer ones looked to be built to last too they have kept me warm and dry during the worst of the Northern Irish weather. ... salopetts/ ... ro-jacket/

The Pro Logic suit is actually great for shooting too I use it for deer stalking or standing at a trap smashing up clays.
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Post by ColinR » Wed Aug 08 2018 22:25

Good review👍

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