Nameless waters

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Nameless waters

Post by Rosemary » Sun Jun 17 2018 11:09

Ok, I slipped up when I joined this excellent forum by naming a popular lake near Coventry. I failed to read the regulations so it was my fault. It was a bit like downloading software, the licence agreement pops up, no one reads it, we all just click 'Accept' and plunge in. Perhaps newbies like me should be made to tick a box to say that we understand the rules before any further progress can be made, but that's up to our leader to decide.
Although I knew that eastern Europian's eat fresh water fish and rob our fish stock but I thought this applied mainly to carp. A lake that I once fished had many carp stolen, so many that the thieves must have been selling them.
Back to naming waters. Its been many years since I read angling magazines but do they name waters? If so perhaps anglers should make their concerns known.
One last thing. This forum has the best smilies that I have ever seen. :cheers:
Just old and knackered

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Re: Nameless waters

Post by Crackoff » Wed Jun 27 2018 09:41

I'l welcome you if no one els will

Elow :wave:

Grant :smile:
Grant Everson

No matter which way you look at it Ben, your previous post was 'at best' condescending, 'at worst' down right insulting towards Grant.
He deserves better than that, especially from you !

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Re: Nameless waters

Post by Mike J » Thu Jun 28 2018 09:03

Hi Rosey
Angling papers and mags are there to sell advertising, anything that the readers may want comes a long way down their list of priorities.
Anyone disbelieving the above should read tackle tests in the Aussie mags and compare them to those we have here.

If you want to ruin a water let everyone know where your fishing.
With a syndicate water there are usually copyrights applying to the name and/or very strict rules about naming.

As your probably retired my advice would be to fish weekdays, miss Mondays as many places are often in the weekend recovery stage, Tueday to Thursday are when many of us do our fishing, and leave Fridays alone especially if the water attracts weekend 'campers' who often want to set up early (and noisily)!
Better still join a well run syndicate and stay away from day ticket and Club waters unless they are massive.

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