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Re: Perch Talk.

Post by Mark_Houghton » Sat Dec 29 2018 18:22

Dave Horton wrote:
Mark_Houghton wrote:
Dave Horton wrote:
Alan_dalton wrote:
Dave Horton wrote:
Monts wrote:
Yep pleased with that one Dave, off down the river shortly and see if I can grab another couple.
Well I hope you do better than me? I kicked myself up the ar$e and actually went this afternoon. I Paddled the Yak to a spot off the beaten track for the last couple of hours of light. Lip hooked Roach on a size 4 circle (I'm experimenting) under a bobber type float, was dropped in several likely looking spots before I had my first take. Typical Pike take resulted in a Jack of about a pound just holding on to the bait right until I got it to the net. Even as I played this Pike I started developing plans for it! So, quickly, plopped a fresh bait back in the same area. Within minutes it was taken again in an identical looking take? Convinced it was the little Pike and knowing that I was using a circle hook I left the take (what to me, a circles novice) an uncomfortable amount of time before gently winding down. A healthy curve formed in the rod and the Yak even rotated a good deal towards what suddenly felt like a good Perch? Sure enough an absolute clonker of a Perch appeared out of the gloom and I could see that it was hooked right in the scissor but was only attached by a thin membrane. I foolishly eased off a bit and it powered down out of sight before the line went slack and it was gone. The stretch of river rarely does anything over 4lbs 8 oz but this fish really did look 4ish and would have made me smile good and proper!

(I'll have to go back now face)
That's got to be gutting!
These things don't quite muster the feelings of despair they once did, Al.

(But I did manage to throw a few fcuks at myself face)
I dont know whats worse, losing a fish you didnt see and wondering how big it really was, or seeing its big and losing it....sickener Dave, but at least you know where they are now :thumbs:
I know what you mean Mark, I'm still haunted by several fish that just plodded on a long line and came adrift after longer than usual!

(A 40 got caught along the bank from me a few hours later on one of those occasions face)
Yes, a few, both seen, and unseen still haunt me too mate...

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