Light lure rod

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Light lure rod

Post by Essexmark » Thu Jul 30 2020 07:33

Hello all. First post on here and I apologise it is another what rod post! Here goes. I have been taken by light lure fishing, particularly for Perch on my local river. I have sold some tackle and have a budget of £150 and am looking for a light lure rod casting weight 7 to circa mid 20gms. I have narrowed it to:
Master craft Ceana 8ft 5-21, Master craft Solpara Wind 8ft 3 in 7-21, St Croix Triumph 7ft 7-17, Westin Finesse TC 7ft 7-21, Westin Finesse Jig 8ft 3 in 7-28. I will be using it for SP and small cranks. Any thoughts on these guys? Many thanks. Mark

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Re: Light lure rod

Post by Mike J » Thu Jul 30 2020 08:09

Welcome aboard :handshake:

Check the for sale section, there is atleast one decent light lure rod for sale there.
Save yourself some money by buying from someone who's been where you are and could probably give you a few tips.

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